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 Gather round, my dears, for I have a most interesting story to share. My narrative tells not of a regular town, but chronicles the peculiar Prattleton and its townsfolk who held steadfast to their own odd habits. If you have lived for any length of time amongst the female set, you’ll have known at least one gossip or two, but this particular town was chock full of prattles. Sadly, it is generally a widespread understanding, that when allowed to congregate in groups, women are commonly inclined towards idle speculations.

Although this portion of the town’s tale is full of especially female foibles, the preferred thread woven betwixt the rest of the tapestry fable is focused primarily on a lovely young lady. Fair Charity Bishop, through no fault of her own, was tormented for a time by cruel scandal-mongers, but her growing tale of woes does finally turn into deservedly just happiness. Yes, the false gossip against this dear angel is finally thrown on its ear when truth and love do prevail.

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Author: Kerri Bennett Williamson
Cover artist: Brina Williamson
Genre(s): Romantic Fiction, Comedy
Publication date: April 25, 2009
Pages: 226

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