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Frontier Ruby

 Ruby Steed will not be repressed! The cruel overseer of the orphanage cannot crush Ruby’s spirits, neither can bullies nor the machinating woman who forces Ruby into the position of unpaid lowly servant. Throughout all Ruby’s trials and troubles, she stands all the taller over time when others attempt to demean her. Just when Ruby feels at the end of her tether, near despairing; she sees and seizes an opened door that offers cheerful possibilities. From cold orphanage out east to a luxuriant mansion out on the western frontier, freckled redhead Ruby forges a happy path out of obscurity, neglect and abuse; discovering windows revealing light on the horizon of her future. First, a joyful teacher and then favored governess, the young beauty is quite determined to remain content to love and nurture children of others, even as a host of men begin courting her attentions. Will Ruby Steed finally say yes to the love of a near perfect man who will give her earthly angels of her own?

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Author: Kerri Bennett Williamson
Cover artist: Brina Williamson
Genre(s): Romantic Fiction, Drama
Publication date: January 18, 2008
Pages: 218

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