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Bonnets and Aprons: Mrs. Rutherford

 Fionna’s story continues as she marries her beloved Mr. Rutherford, and joining him in the westward expansion onto the American frontier is soon thrown into an untamed desert wilderness where she promptly must face an abundance of unexpected challenges. Surmising that she may never see her family and friends again, she optimistically determines to forge a new life with her husband, where particularly severe and cascading ordeals continue to painfully try her patience, character, hopes and faith. Mrs. Rutherford continually learns that kindred spirits are always rare and many folks are oft full of folly: for moral purity is as gold and even truest friends do sometimes falter and fail, thus Heaven may feel afar off indeed. As she confronts tribulations, Fionna discovers that life oftentimes decrees lonely terms of frightening isolation when only God can hear supplications, although cherished lost loved ones are sometimes found again, and perchance more joy is granted to those who endure.

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Author: Kerri Bennett Williamson
Cover artist: Brina Williamson
Genre(s): Romantic Fiction, Drama
Publication date: May 2, 2007
Pages: 298

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